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wind blows smoke and fire to my leg

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:43 am    Post subject: wind blows smoke and fire to my leg Reply with quote

On Friday midday, brother Zhang Tao calls, say to go afternoon board bridge reservoir, ask I do not go, I say to go for certain. Arrive home to fool wife to cook rapidly, I am busy had cleared away the thing.
Go this fishing, just went to be not arranged a bit with respect to the feeling, sitting in the car, when another counterjumper opens car window, wind blows smoke and fire to my leg, ironed a bubble. Unsuccessful,
arrived reservoir, discovery is in before us angle a somebody occupying, ask they say to go back afternoon, we are angling wait for them to go by, other places give a fish is not very, go out brokenly some become warped waist, good not easy when at 6 o'clock, went 3 people, mention when them when the fish is protected, what a fellow angles is best, the likelihood has more than 30 jins, have two a big carp, estimation is individual have 5 jins or so, other is 2 jins of right-and-left carps (he is midday of head the world come over) , additional two are not too good, but each also 10 come jin, we are in they are original angled locally, but what go out all the time is to become warped waist, did not see a carp, until at night at 12 o'clock when, see buoy only slowly sank, the one excitement in my heart, fierce carry pole, brush energetically passed from benthic, pole became segment of a circle quickly, my instant is bad, just wanted to throw accidentally drop rope, cerebral line had been broken, big fish was taking a hook to run, fishing person walks the sort of regret of the fish I think everybody is clear about in the heart, I not dilatancy. Since ran fish, my angle take a check mark with respect to not very, went sleeping.
Just still go up brokenly one morning the following day some become warped waist, I angle some are very irritated. Do not have a word one morning, arrived to was controlled at 2 o'clock afternoon, the sky transmitted thunder, hot still in the morning asthma does not cross the weather that come, this meeting already shade goes densely covered, I think next likelihoods that nod rain take a check mark even better. What who knows the rain in reservoir to come is so violent, I grow to still do not have the gale with so fierce course greatly so, instantaneous gale is placing a head to fight me what big raindrop is bungled to have not enough time to clear away a thing, hasten hide to the umbrella from the back, wind is honest too big, I what blow back down successively, on the side one angles friendly likelihood is a few more seasoned, jump in water.
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