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Who is the biggest Olympic winners? Not the general audience

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:23 am    Post subject: Who is the biggest Olympic winners? Not the general audience Reply with quote

victory is behind those players sponsors like adidas. Adidas is coming from Germany brands, large multinational companies to produce mainly shoes and sportswear, Adidas shoes and apparel in both countries, were welcomed by the extreme, more was known for famous sports brand. Adidas 2004 profit to $646,770,453 ($ 640 million) in 2007 to $1,088,393,584 (over nike free 4.0 v2 canada US $ 1 billion), four-year profit rose to 68.28%. (See adidas annual financial report). In China, there are more than 200 factories in more than 25,0000 workers making products for adidas. By CLW's report found that these factories have a lot in common: both Chengda, Wei Li, or the Chang Yelong, the workers are very badly paid. Although only 3 plants were investigated, but the 3 plants as we paint a picture with universal pictures adidas supplier in China. Most of the adidas workers are female, aged 20 years or so, they come from rural areas, like Chengda, Wei Li nike free 3.0 v4 canada and Chang Yelong such work at a factory. The workers average 6 days a week, working 10-12 hours a day. They live in staff quarters, each dorm and employ more than 10 people, sharing a bathroom and that they have no pension or pension insurance. Chang Yelong workers are worried about being late for work, because they were late for 5 minutes will be deducted from 2Hours of wages. In Chengda, only when the customers come for audits, which gave workers safety and security equipment, such as gloves, masks, etc. What's more, Chengda employees cannot even choose meals because the plant will automatically without your consent, to their meals.

Although some supplier adidas, nike free run 3 canada Chengda claims that overtime is voluntary, because their wages are very low, they had to stay overtime voluntarily, to get overtime for subsistence and supply their family. They never dare to imagine a pair of adidas shoes or other products of the adidas brand, even if these products were of their own making, because even if they wanted to, it is impossible to hope. Adidas supplier base salaries, frequent fines and work long hours, workers who only want to pay them the wages due. Interest of genuine Olympic winner, adidas can never be 250,000 Chinese workers on the production line. Instead, those companies like Adidas, they maximize profits by reducing the labour costs. In order to sponsor the nike free run 2 canada
Olympics this year, adidas spent about 74,567$ 918 (over US $ 74 million), and then look at their workers to extremely low income, less than 65 cents an hour, it is not hard to imagine adidas for sponsorship to pay the tens of millions of dollars come from – where the blood and sweat of the 250,000 Chinese workers. Adidas sponsors for the games is 3.5 months of wages for these workers. While adidas has got all the fame and fortune, but workers are still busy day after day on the line

hoping to earn even a penny extra. Who is the biggest Olympic winners? Not the general audience, who can watch it and have the chance to watch athletes and losers who, nor who year after year hard training athletes standing on the Olympic podium. nike roshe run canada Instead, this used to be a symbol of hope and peace at the Olympics benefit the most are those like the adidas company. However, adidas supplies factory employees who work hard to equate with this symbol. For this reason, CLW on Adidas factories in China, "Chang long sporting goods co", "Zhong Shan Wei Li textile Co Ltd" and "Dongguan Cheng da shoes Ltd" production conditions of the three factory workers made an investigation and visit. CLW survey report shows on all three vendors, Adidas factory workers in the China's relatively poor production conditions, supplier and not in accordance with AdidasStandards of conduct to restrict factories, workers ' production conditions are not optimistic, on the contrary, is the low wages of Chinese workers, additional overtime paid accommodation and meals and no social security protection, leave, quit, fines and deductions from wages, poor safety facilities. "Anything is possible" this is adidas's advertisements, but CLW's report
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