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some shook his head laughing, forget it, there's not a bad t

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:16 am    Post subject: some shook his head laughing, forget it, there's not a bad t Reply with quote

they did not dare use the flying souls Guide to heaven, they ain't Huo Yuhao analog soul hiding techniques exist. If God will inevitably encounter flying spirit beast attack. Moreover, with so many [watch supernatural,] amid a strong Wolf, Wolf jump even though Wang more than ten meters, didn't give them opportunities to fly. "Boom" ahe soul giant guns in the hands of throwing to Golden Wolf near instant detonation Wang Fei, a lot of electro-opticWolf King shining down, fly directly fell out over more than 10 meters away, at least for a period of time, it is not to fight again. It is what is the best Phoenix ray gun, speed of the wind, Ray burst. Power is extremely powerful, and very spirit beast for metal properties. But Phoenix ray gun on soul power consumption is quite large, but these metal Wolf's defense was too strong. Even ordinary metal Wolf, was thrown a gun can only be hit on while the Golden Wolf King is can be paralyzing for some time. Sun and senior students of the Royal Academy of soul tutors, spirit guide research directions have their own expertise. Soul like Ho Ho ~ select all gun conductor, Nan Subselects and orange form, variety of spirit guide. Can see that the countless Orange constantly sway out from her hand and slammed into the Golden wolves. Suddenly bursts up a ball of light suddenly appeared shrill scream, but more often, it is stuck to the Golden wolves

a violent explosion occurred. Five-level spirit guide interceptors also have a lot of power is very great, but Orange's biggest problem lies in her body, her physical endurance alone compared with Huo Yuhao, even Coco she born powers too far. So, she pursued a spirit guide in the numerical superiority. Two women together, a person responsible for ignoring resist, one focusing on bombardment and managed to carry off. But their hearts are cold. Such nike free run 2 womens a powerful Golden wolves, or in cases where no silver Wolf Wang Zai, Huo Yuhao was alone at the top, like Jedi how to withstand the Oh? How can they now get out? "CoCo, you cannot go on like this. Our soul can't stand for too long. "The Orange side against Wolves attack, whileVoice shouted, her eye is still cool. "What then? "Ahe urgently asked. Orange horns: "Sally, our all-terrain exploratory spirit guide, I am responsible for driving and boat cover. Do you use heavy artillery opens us to rush outside. "Coco hesitation said," we can run faster than a Wolf Pack? "Orange sank:" forgetting what day we break it? As long as the washed up on that Hill in front, we can do it again. "What eyes lit up," right away. Go. "Two women accompanied the soul, abruptly around the wolves temporarily pushed back. They face at this time had become very ugly. V soul ring orange body shine release two small, orange with purple skin, quickly threw

to CoCo, another stuffed into his mouth, like two women flew into all-terrain exploratory spirit guide. Acres of oranges spill out soul guided bombs, once again forced back the Golden wolves wants to break up. Orange has started with the fastest speed of all terrain exploration spirit guide. Six long metal legs with a ragged metal ball feet, at a good pace in the distance they rushed at the nearest mountain. Coco's heavy artillery in the front, she was able to save the soul of a force at this time, just Orange, her skin Orange Purple although the taste is sour, but in her soul within a certain time to be able to heal itself at a high speed 30%, this Orange soul food is the most powerful ability. The 166th chapterFatal-hit! (A) were made by Huo Yuhao just stood there stunned for a while, some shook his head laughing, forget it, there's not a bad thing. At least your souls with the fourth technology nike free 5.0 v4 womens can continue to practice anymore. 7788 of Huo Yuhao has come back, second General sea filled means that he can use the fates again! Gaze of soul power. Do not know how the oranges He Keke they. Also as soon as possible, and their confluence is to be good. I mused, Huo Yuhao looked up and caught a glimpse of Yao s รจ, we pursue tertiary veins peripheral to it. He could make out, and his branch was not their first advance into the vein through which that article, it should
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