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Milli is a silver s è spewing out of the photosphere. Genus

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:08 am    Post subject: Milli is a silver s è spewing out of the photosphere. Genus Reply with quote

Three chapters completed, Nike free run 2 Womens 163th Silver Wolf of the six elements (middle), fortunately, was released ahead of an orange spirit shield, five-tier shield against all these wind blade out of the soul. "What the hell is this guy is x ì NG? "Huo Yuhao asked in surprise. Coco: "Silver wolves are so powerful is because it has a wind, water, fire, Earth, light, darkness, six elements are x ì NG can be myself unleashed forces into any genus x ì NG. So are particularly difficult to deal with. Almost nothing is x ì NG can overcome it. It is said that more than thousands, after becoming King of Silver Wolf, also increases a rare element of evolution x ì NG. Fix will get nike free run 3 mens to 100,000 years. Thankfully it's an x ì NG are numerous, but are cast only x ì NGThe most basic attack capability. "Ho Ke volleying, a third silver has turned into the sky to Cone j ī sh è, failed to break the shield, but also consuming oranges's fast soul force. Coco was about to take to bomb sh è button on the side of the seat, but was stopped by the Orange, "let the rain go HO. Your fighting style is too big. I did not expect, before joining the Kent mountains encountered so rarely spirit beast. "Huo Yuhao smells no more say

the right hand side in their chairs, and suddenly, above the window to the side,"Zoom", and his body has been playing sh è come, like foxhole is shell. Nan Zi's five spirit shields are not Silver Wolf time and can break into this Millennium, suddenly pops up one, but make this spirit animal was a jump, Silver Wolf looked up at the same time, Milli is a silver s è spewing out of the photosphere. Genus x ì NG again wind attacks, cover a broad range of large wind blade, Huo Yuhao unable to avoid her. Diamond Crystal Flash, sun shine sh è spurt of extremely bright colors, silver wolves floor silver more than dazzling costumes. Wind blade fell on top of the ice King's body, only led to a sound of lixiao, but not cut in half. Six gun barrels in Huo Yuhao body at the same time, is a point towards the Silver Wolf sh è. Six light blink flashing from the Silver Wolf very quickly, body spray as they jump out of a few silver s è balls of light, actually formed a layer of water in the air, nike free 4.0 v3 womens Hun-sh è lines weaken, most standing in front wait for it when it has been easy to avoid. Huo Yuhao disappearing then the force of the blow landed, the man suddenly towards the Silver Wolf to attack like a Cheetah. The Millennium Silver Wolf was clearly better at ranged attacks, side step, constantly spewing out clouds of silver to attack Huo Yuhao. However, the oranges He Keke introduction, Huo Yuhao has

some understanding of it, j ī NG under close probe detection of God, Silver Wolf and puff out light is contained in x ì NG nature impossible to blind him. Three white sè ring from Huo Yuhao rises at the foot of the soul, and at the light, all-terrain exploration side of soul and two women stunned, what happens? Orange brings Huo Yuhao feeling threatened, discourages him from too much exposure to their abilities. And the fact that his soul now are three common use. Grand s Hotel in a Flash of light in the eyes, no, worst spat with a Silver Wolf in the distance, and then rolled down to the ground, flip back a week of anguish sprang, but apparently not wide awake with no conscious, while groups are weak and j ī NG interference of God have also fell upon it. At this time, in fact, more surprise, Huo Yuhao, he originally thought that yizhiqian spirit beast, even with 3,000 years of endeavor, but j ī NG powers itself and should be a huge gap, a record under the impact of the soul, if not die to throw away half-life's right. But this guy can climb up. This completely out of Huo Yuhao's judgment. Does that mean that this Silver Wolf turns out to be j ī genus x ì NG NG God? ' However, only about 3,000 of its practice is really not so good for her! Heart although in thinking, but he of action can no half points pause, soul impact launched of while, he whole people has like arrows vector General
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