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'Glee' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:44 am    Post subject: 'Glee' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap Reply with quote

In a 22-episode season, every show, Frasier dvd no matter how good, is usually going to have an episode like we saw tonight on 'Frasier Glee.' After the momentous Britney Spears episode jammed back-to-back with the emotional episode Frasier dvd series about religion, it was inevitable that we were Frasier complete dvd going to come down at some point.

Nothing about 'Duets' was terrible, Scrubs dvd but nothing really stood out, either. The musical numbers were OK. The weekly Kurt angst Scrubs dvd box set
was muted and abbreviated. Even Brittany didn't say anything that was extraordinarily memorable (except for one Scrubs dvd season thing, which we'll get to in a moment). It was just another day for New Directions,Scrubs dvds even though they were breaking in a new member.

But maybe that's the problem: the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD has so many "special" episodes that a "normal" one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse feels like a comedown.

One thing that stood out to me Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection in this episode was a lack of stories amongst the adults. There was no Sue, no Emma, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD collection no Coach Beiste. Will was only there to act as the gleesters' teacher, that's it. Nope, all the concentration was Nip tuck dvd season on the kids, which means we rocketed from one story to another.Nip tuck dvd We basically got sketches of what each of them are going through right now, Nip tuck dvds but didn't get too in depth with any of them.

Of course, this leads to some uncharacteristic Everybody loves Raymond dvd behavior. Rachel is following up her recent bitchiness by becoming Everybody loves Raymond a sudden mensch, deciding to throw the duet competition in order for the new kid, Everybody loves Raymond dvds Ben, to win and feel confident enough to help them get to nationals.Everybody loves Raymond dvd series Brittany decides to hook up with Artie just to make Santana jealous -- Santana's just bored because Puck is away in Ben 10 DVD juvie -- and ends up wounding Artie pretty deeply. Mercedes and Santana team up to Ben 10 Box Set do a rendition of 'River Deep, Mountain High' that would make Ike Turner turn in Ben 10 DVD Set his grave.

Look, I'm mostly with the people who 24 1-8 DVD Set wish the characters in 'Glee' would be written with more consistency, rather 24 DVDs than have their personalities shift in order to service a plot. But, in the case 24 Seasons 1-8 DVD of Rachel, her extreme shifts from good to evil make me shrug. She's such a caricature to begin with, one who's been hard to predict since day Prison Break DVD one, seeing her go good in this episode wasn't all that jarring. And it did Prison Break DVD Set lead to her and Finn throwing the competition in a creative manner, singing 'With Prison Break DVD Box Set You I'm Born Again' wearing a super inappropriate costume set: Finn dressed as Prison Break DVDs a priest, Rachel dressed as a Catholic school girl.

I was also OK with the brief Arite / Brittany CSI New York DVD matchup, mainly because it gave us the classic Brittany line, "Before we duet, CSI New York DVD Season we're going to do it." And the fact that Artie really felt hurt that Brittany used him gave Brit some pause and real emotions for the first time in a long CSI New York DVD box set time. Does she actually like him now? Or does she just feel bad that she hurt him? Watching her do her planned 'Lady and the Tramp' routine at BreadsticksCSI New York DVDs was funny and sad all at once.

Anyway, the two stories that felt the bestGhost Whisperer DVD to me intersected a bit, because they both involved the new guy, Ben. Kurt's Ghost Whisperer DVD box set gaydar went off, as did his sensitivity to bad dye jobs. He wanted to sing with Ben, and Ben didn't see a problem with it, but Finn Ghost Whisperer box set warned both guys off the notion, figuring a duet with a guy would put a target on Ben's back. Why, I don't know, since no one would see it but theFuturama DVD Box Set other gleesters. It took the recovering Burt to make Kurt see that he may have Futurama DVD to "fly solo" during his time at McKinley, mainly because no one else could Futurama DVDs be as brave as he was.

Like I said, it led to more Kurt angst, Married with children DVD but once he did his self-duet from 'Victor/VIctoria,' that story more or married with children less fizzled out. Maybe we've just seen this one too many times, and it's married with children box set tough for an openly gay kid like Kurt in the closed-off world of McKinley.married with children dvds But I'm starting to miss the happy side of Kurt, even as I see Chris Colfermarried with children dvd season nail every emotional scene he's in.

The other Ben-related pairing was the one Medium Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set that gave me some hope: Quinn has made the most growth of any of the gleesters in the last year, and I want to see her with a guy that may actually Medium DVD be worth her while. Finn's a blank slate, Puck's more trouble than he's worth. Medium1-6 DVD But Quinn is showing her sensitivity and intelligence, explaining to Ben that she Medium DVD Box Set sticks with the glee club, even though she's back on top of the school's social Medium DVD Season heap, because they had her back during her pregnancy. That's definitely much different than the Quinn we saw at the beginning of season one. Of course, if Kurt's gaydar is accurate, Quinn's in for yet another heart break.
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