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From the Chinese military parade trigger overseas

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:30 am    Post subject: From the Chinese military parade trigger overseas Reply with quote

From the Chinese military parade trigger overseas murmur speak Chinese military parade trigger from overseas murmur speak of this year is the sixty anniversary of the founding of the people, according to Chinese tradition, will be held at the National Day Parade National Day parade, is an international practice, is a display of national image and strength, unite the country and national consensus, enhance a sense of national pride the beneficial and effective way. Moreover, the people established a Jia Zi, a complete end to the hundred years abasement history, reconstruction of national independence and the integrity of sovereignty, historic turn in the modern history since the strength of the downward trend, toward modernization and rise abruptly afresh Road, a great tribute to. However, this is the one in other countries the very ordinary and common state behavior, even in the overseas aroused criticism, even proposed by the National People to stop. The reason is the parade show of force belongs to bad habits, think; parade is a totalitarian and authoritarian governments favorite game, is a kind of modem political civilization be misfits abuse;. Parade show of force, the message is arrogant, implied to peace contempt, easy to cause the international society for Chinese Peaceful Rise;; is suspicious. Obviously, These overseas intellectuals if not ignore the fact that the words, is to act with a hidden motive. France, the annual National Day parade are held, to show Paul. Appeared in these people is not bad, it is not a totalitarian and authoritarian governments favorite game, the message is not arrogant, not imply contempt for peace is our Asia. The neighbouring countries, there are 450000000 people below the poverty line in India, also be every year hold a National Day parade, and always will be the latest weapons up flaunting. There are Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Czech, Romania, Ross, Spain and so on, this is not the only one. Good, the United States is rarely in the National Day 60th, but military spending is also very clear. However, the United States of America is a world war most countries. Since the end of the cold war, the United States external forces 30 times, its frequency is much higher than that of the cold war, the Gulf War, a massive Kosovo war, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war. Until 2007, the United States in the global survey, all is the rising threat to world peace Toubajiaoyi. Obviously, read not parade and threaten world peace and no relationship. I believe in these studies overseas Not ignorance, to such a degree, and he was apparently. Actually this kind of similar to the Western practice of double standards, at home and abroad it is often seen. Some Chinese. Chinese famous playwright Yexin Sha, in; Sanlu milk powder incident,;; making such comments: our system is out of the question, our nation out of the question, our culture is out of the question, is our blood, our foundation is a problem, but also regarded as hopeless., difficult to remedy.; and the fact is, Chinese officials have apologized to the perpetrators, who punish with due severity to the victim, protection, rescue, and rapidly in law to seek solutions. When face to the global Yexin Sha onceinacentury economic crisis in the United States, this is not an apology, also do not punish those responsible, nor relief for the victims, but trying to rescue the perpetrators of the United States, the Chinese famous playwright remained silent. At the same time, the Japanese poisonous rice event, and the official attitude extremely arrogant, refused to accept any responsibility. This time, what the overseas intellectual elite but once again afford much food for thought silencing. When the global economic crisis spread to China, this part of the overseas elite shouting, China Political and economic coordination development, resulting in China cannot smooth moves toward the market economy healthy orbit, accusing China of excessive dependence on exports of the mode of economic growth, and to question the Chinese four trillion rescues the city policy: system does not change, taking notes can survive a crisis But, who knows, this sweeping through the global economic crisis is derived from in the eyes of their political and economic coordination development, market economy is healthy the United States of America! China is a victim, on the other hand also had to contend with other countries bear rescue global responsibility. Don want to Chinese political and economic coordination of reproducibility after American tragedy As for Chinese export model, we know, only eighty million population of Germany, is the first global trade, economic gross is still in China, one in every four is more of a personal rely on exports of employment. Obviously, the German export dependence on the outside world know China is serious than many times. But why not miss Germany, but point to spearhead China Domestic famous scholar Qin Hui thinks that China is successful, there are two, one is the globalization. Two is a low cost of rights, then obtains the development mode of China is on the human finally formed article Ming threat. And China as follows:; to reject democracy participation, depressed, thought, belief, contempt disdain disregard justice, stimulus is promotes energy in Mirage type pure beg rich impulse;. In his eyes, the thirty years of reform and opening China is dark, the four hundred million population history of mankind deficient record is entered not into his field of vision. Reform thirty years led to the rise in the cost of; human rights; that multinational corporations from China, to the cost; human rights; lower; India; transfer, is not recognized by Mr. Qin more unbelievable. Is, Mr. Qin to lag far behind China, corruption in China is more serious than the India high praise. And India backward as follows: Although India 1949 defense than China slightly advanced, but over the past one hundred years, India has been far behind China, so now is backward and less surprising. But and western than, these elite changed thinking: Japan after World War II and Chinese starting point about, why the Japanese than Chinese leading so big? In 2008, when the overseas students and the Chinese out of righteous indignation against the Western false reports In protest, the overseas intellectual elites again to; extreme nationalism; the hat on the Chinese head. But, when the United States Republican candidate Mccain; national first; as a campaign slogan when, when the United States President Bush farewell address in puncture a fallacy with one remark:; I will always be in the form of the best interests of our country in mind,; when the new president Obama inauguration speech did not mention; democracy;, opens his mouth is; state, the United States;, no one gave the United States; extreme nationalism; hat. When Wenchuan earthquake occurred once every hundred years, the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao flew to the disaster area first time, the entire gold rescue seventytwo hours has been in command of firstline. China in thirty years of reform and opening up the accumulated Xiong Houji foundation, in a very short time mobilized huge manpower, material resources, military full rescue. The mobilization ability shocked the world. However, these overseas intellectuals to pay no heed, but big talk about why the failed prediction. But when Japan Kobe earthquake occurred in Taiwan in nine two one,;; earthquake as well as Pakistan, Russia and other countries. Students strong earthquake caused heavy casualties, they are not the same questions There in 2003 8 at the beginning of the month, when the French suffered a rare high temperature attack killed tens of thousands of these elected officials, I am still my old self. Immersed in the vacation. Even the French President Chirac until three weeks after the end of the holiday until August 20th and returned to Paris. 2005 year the United States has suffered heavy casualties hurricane Katerina know everything, the Bush was on vacation, after the disaster of third afternoon to suspend resort, to the disaster. The American Secretary of state Rice is intentnesses in New York by luxury brands gathered known Fifth Avenue tried all kinds of highheeled shoes, the second day watching musicals, third days in the disaster situation deteriorated to the apex of the time,; black daughter; Rice; but in the The Racquet Club Hotel in the United States and former world champion Selebi, compare notes craft; today the United States of America. When is in hundred years since the most severe economy crisis moment, American president Obama is still $150000000 a record held on an unprecedented scale, wins the inaugural ceremony. Excuse me, these overseas elite, your criticism spirit where Chinese famous The poet created in Chengdu reading group; to commemorate the victory a Jia Zi; discussion meeting and delivered a speech, citing; Geng Chen claims; and a series of the United States of America; friendly; events, speak in excitement emotion shouted:; Americans are our best friend, the only Chinese people in the world is as everyone knows, American.; Geng Chen claims. It is Chinese looted wealth, was later found to have Chinese, to their claims, they acknowledge a debt, returned, so we should be grateful for The victory, China directly give up war reparations, Japan can appear such persons the quicksand Wrong, admit the mistake, and make compensation, but why still there will always be people who refused to accept Does not like the United States to China, but he said more every day. Such knowledge elite, a sigh. Recently, remarkable American presidential election was the fake performance events. Not only the organization, the performer is be in the right and selfconfident, shame, that; climate makes it impossible. No person to deceive anyone. This occasion to be perfect, you cannot have a error.; however, We hear these elite at home and abroad the strong and justice response. On the contrary the same event, as long as it is in China, some internal and external knowledge groups tend to be filled with righteous indignation, lash. Such as the famous Southern newspapers, the famous media person of Mr. Chang Ping, was specially written an article why bother to show actually, the lip synching so sarcastic capabilities, and these groups on the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics singing events was strongly criticized. Finally, come to have a look of an overseas high visibility, grew up in Hongkong, now living in Norway in the theory of Zhong Zukang, this person to publicly support independence. However. Even more shocking is, in his view as follows:; our Chinese ancestors especially since the later two thousand years basically are mucking up, step wrong step, one hundred step is wrong ninetynine step HH the vast majority of Chinese civilization is not much higher than a monkey, not development to the humanitarian height, summer insects don. The civilization level gap, was an outstanding Chinese civilization is superior great sorrow HH resembling such Chinese civilization should have perished, but be at one. Chinese civilization has refused to die in time, a civilization damn and die, to die in time, forced to very expensive instruments and the living blood to extend its life, which is today a major source of Chinese problem longstanding.; and through a Cambridge professor Noguchi say; Yu deep sigh Chinese race was born in line out of the column; and then, he puts forward:; the permanent Chinese old man really only meet quality comprehensive colonization could be;. For this he spare no effort for the western colonialism singing praises, straight sigh Opium War occurred too late, the reputation of the British for the unsolicited civilization. Therefore strongly opposed to Chinese tutor to recover Hongkong, it continues to be colonized, and stigmatized even Hongkong Democrats are sure SinoBritish Joint Declaration as the basic law the dog. He said:; China lucky enough to get a British invasion, Hongkong had a British colony in 150 years, only evolution as a civilized state. But China is because of evaded by the Western powers to colonial and stay in the savage state. If we really want to blame the Western powers, it is that the Western powers without more tough The technique of Chinese governance. Jolejo had done in one vigorous effort will China comprehensive colonization, or will China up, the consequences are very difficult the situation is even worse than today. He then sigh:;; China last chance is perhaps the two wars against China, Japan defeated China and occupation of China in a period of time, forcing the Chinese reform, China has propped up a slim chance of survival of.; and of course the indulge in the wildest fantasy is the following paragraph:; if the two World War II Japanese really defeat and occupation of China, I am afraid that Japan will be China such a huge monster hurt vitality greatly even assimilation, if it is, is not only the Japanese disaster, but also to the whole of Asia and even the whole the human tragedy, because Japan probably cannot be like now that the benefit of the world; however, the most amazing surprises with democratic personages as Zhong Zukang but who had no angle against the Chinese Democracy: he was ed at the beginning of twentieth Century the famous geography master HUNTINGTON racial character argumentation the Chinese food too much because, therefore leading to Chinese contrarian eliminated, two thousand years down, leaving only private benefit from people. Because there is no abnormalities in the development of extreme Egoistic heart, also could not withstand such famine in.HUNTINGTON asserted:; in view of China no responsibility, China is absolutely not a republic the regime, but relatively aggressive southerners try this system brought the; however, it is these intellectuals, was the Taiwan and overseas objection people regarded as precious as the acme of perfection. Of course, Mr Zhong Zukang is not alone, some people write such support clock:; but Hongkong was raped one hundred and fifty years in England, or Hongkong would be like Shenzhen city the funny. Look at; Yu Luoke by Bei Dao famous victims of the Cultural Revolution sister Yu when the Cultural Revolution. The origin of author in overseas public statements:; Han to Zhong Zukang! What pride Eat people, murder, destruction, the Chinese culture, Chinese traditional moral damage, will become evil and cynic HH kinds of evil things, were Han Chinese do, are not only minority. Taiwan should be independent, Tibet should be independent, Xinjiang should be independent, even the Chinese provinces should be separate from a country, big Han, China, big unify, big company L r into L rHH to L R and L R playing system But, the life of people, people can get better.; there have been numerous bloggers questioned why I leave it in West, criticism, certain democratic critique of Western China. This paper is a reply. In addition, this article also can answer a question, why China;, Democrats;; the liberal; groups so isolated and climate as. 2008 years, has always been to people spokesman of the Southern on the weekend was as a medium the most embarrassing unprecedented denial: in the university campus has students spontaneous fire South Weekend event. The liberal;; person situation, institutional scholar Xie Tao most incisive is:; now China old pioneers, middleaged conservative, youth indifferent attitude. And the socalled; conservative and indifference, but to their claims and behave conservatively and indifference. When the Wenchuan earthquake happened, middleaged people, young people indifferent the conservativewhen western Tibet events distorted reports, middleaged, the young conservative Granted When Olympic Games, middleaged people, young people granted Conservative Mr. Xie Tao called in; People value the actual benefit and the young people know only the pursuit of money; analysis of why not As their languished for external reasons, as well as a reflection on its own.
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