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between the palms of my hands just listen Huo Yuhao "Ka

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:42 am    Post subject: between the palms of my hands just listen Huo Yuhao "Ka Reply with quote

Huo Yuhao said, "is the soul to soul force for guiding apparatus, either as a weapon or other apparatus is to assist people to live, work ... "This should be the standard answer, just started to learn the spirit guide when he knew it.Huo Yuhao left hand, controlled crane capture long, this piece of metal grasp in grasp. Gold claw down, hands on, diamond crystal emerged quietly, hands grip the piece cut from a metal rubbing slowly between the palms together. When the dark golden claws appeared when Zi Xuan is in for a surprise. nike free 3.0 v4 womens Despite his more than 30 years old, but dip y í n soul Guide for more than 20 years, of course, he could see Huo Yuhao shown on display are by no means spirit guide. While his choice of metals, titanium gold is known for its hard, is an extremely rare metal, only r ì months Empire had produced. Huo Yuhao choose titanium when Xuan Zi Wen's first impression is that he is wrong. But when the dark-gold s è is a razor from the silver on titanium s è to sweep it off, did not even make any noise when it would be easy to cut along his instantaneous shrinking of the pupil. Mind racing, counting the secret gold s è razor sharpness and rigidity. "Peerless Tang 157th chapter pledge you high

five (part one)" shocking to Zi Xuan paper is still in the back, between the palms of my hands just listen Huo Yuhao "Kaka" sounded, subtle silver s è powder starts slipped out of his hand, the diamond crystals against sh è laboratory light looks bright outside. Before Xuan Zi Wen to do more thinking, Huo Yuhao had come to experiment table, temperament is also changing, kind of blurry, Zi Xuan paper can feel he's composed and focused. A white sè, lychee size Orbs have appeared on the table. He, his hands balled piece of titanium round? Xuan Zi Wen was shocked again. Before he even took Huo Yuhao test information from Lin Jiayi, so it appeared 15 or 16 year old students know nothing happened and he didn't even see Huo Yuhao soul ring, womens nike roshe run flyknit it has two souls are used one after another. Xuan Zi Wen finally Huo Yuhao behavior got. But he also told myself silently, Huo Yuhao skill and ability of these but the masterminds, was born in the city, the first mastermind College Shrek, he has these abilities is not surprising. He wants to test, but Huo Yuhao soul ability to mentor. Xuan Zi Wen thought when Huo Yuhao there have started to get busy, a sword Argent s è knife plunged into the hands, not his creatures-the blades of rye, and handle ordinary j ī NG is a gold knife, blade has some diamond powder. Used for cutting metal is enough, but it's definitely not good. Meet some rigid metal

or even be very difficult, and may collapse. Huo Yuhao left-handed pinch that little silver s è metal ball, left hand is quickly moving up, his movement is very quick, at least in the eyes of Zi Xuan paper looks like this. Each knife will never halt, a deep lines have begun to appear in the silver "peerless Tang" white sè metal sphere. Xuan Zi Wen curiosity stood in around Huo Yuhao, careful observation of his actions. Huo Yuhao move quickly and in a short time, knit complicated patterns begin to appear on the surface of metal ball. But Xuan Zi Wen is frowned, mumbling to himself: "charge, acceleration, acceleration, acceleration, acceleration, acceleration, acceleration. Such small acts imposed on the carrier by seven array is very good, but you get the six speed do? If used as a spirit guide thrusters, one use will make your waist snap. Moreover, titanium gold while the tough, although additional volume seven laws, there are six other accelerated, the pursuit of such extreme, also uses a life. Directly will be dispensed with, don't you think wasting it? "Xuan Zi Wen's voice is not small, but Huo Yuhao is a pair of ears, just do your books look titanium ball that spins in the hand, the knife in the right hand is continually falling. Tiny bits of titanium powder on the light falling on the lab table. Zi Xuan paper seen here, interest in Huo Yuhao also became more intense. He could see that
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