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A contestant Tan Qingzi

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 9:45 am    Post subject: A contestant Tan Qingzi Reply with quote

A contestant Tan Qingzi, is a struggling Hunan sister in Wenzhou!She and several sisters together, you will see an interesting scene: walk on tiptoeThe reason is very simple, Tan Qingzi is petite, she wants to use this method for their own "long" higher, often at this time, her companions will mercilessly put her to "suppress" go down, the 25 year old Tan Qingzi, in downtown Wenzhou opened a dress shop, although only 50 more stores square, in their own business, opening the past year business prosperous, to visit the customers were mostly southern girl, than their tall is not much difference, but came to very 61 training center, a station to Gu Lei before his teacher, Tan Qingzi suddenly found himself that is really small, it was whispered: Gu is like a mountain, I soonWhile Gu Lei is a word from the teacher, Tan Qingzi was more hanging on.See Li Yong, Tan Qingzi feel like he was really match, she also on his small summed up a lot of advantages: fully experience the fun of highheeled shoes, never worry about the quilt is not long enough, take door need not worry meet the danger the crowded bus, do not occupy the place of electric ladder.Of course, there is always the unexpected harvest.Contestant No. two Li Xiao, from Kunming, is a recording engineer assistant.Li Xiao professional learning is a folk dance, when the army two years, started in 2009 to study the recording work, do a good job recording engineers should not only have the music accomplishment, and the key is to learn how to one ten, let the first recording singer eliminating tension, relax the mind, or tension, is unable to play a normal level.We shot the same day they met a super tight singer, but Li Xiao deal with this situation is the two trick, Li Xiaomei thought is a stage, meets Li Yong, his trick was to use the Li Yong.Li Xiao had to learn Korean performing arts for two years, South Korean pop music, came to this very 61, he has a great dream of music to show, for this dream, Li Xiaoke no less subjected to tortureContestant No. three Meng Lingzhi is the Qinghai province Xining city fire Detachment Battalion Fire Chief, interview just photographed them a regular drills, fire alarm, emergency duty soldiers, in the same fire staff Meng Lingzhi into combat with fire, emergency team set out together, relative to such situation, Meng Lingzhi faces more is the day in and day out fire checkMeng Lingzhi graduated from the China Institute of armed police force, participate in the work of 3 years, now in Qinghai province or the provincial League Committee Youth Committee, interview, we understand, Meng Lingzhi in addition to jobs, each job Corps is also responsible for the theatrical festival, every year can get the award, she must go and teach people a few small programs, to teach them without the basis of Warrior Dance and sing, for Meng Lingzhi really is a challenge.Came very 61 training center, many people found Meng Lingzhi to rehearse, intermittent time, and ran out of the rehearsal hall call, many times it was Meng Lingzhi's turn to rehearse, but can't find her, to call it, but was beaten by Gu teacher criticism, but the end of training back to the room, Meng Lingzhi or call a stop, up to a point, from midnight until 4 a.m., his mobile phone charge is overdue, the mobile phone has been hit or borrow.In the director's questioning, Meng Lingzhi tell us only a word: only when the man came to the scene, we can know the reason!A mystery guest, a conceal a secret for years.
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