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706 Muscle Building Workouts - Discover The Prove

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:36 am    Post subject: 706 Muscle Building Workouts - Discover The Prove Reply with quote

The biggest and most important thing you must know about muscle building workouts is that no matter how hard or how long you workout in the gym, you don't gain an ounce of muscle there. If you could simply work out and get larger, then everyone would look like Arnold, wouldn't they? Obviously, we all don't look like that. In fact, every single gain you make in mass and size is made when you're at home sleeping.
Working out in the gym only sparks new growth in your body. A lot of people think that by absolutely killing your muscle with lots of volume, you'll grow that much bigger. But it won't. My proof? Look at just about every guy in the gym following the typical routines.
Then take a look at the less than 1% of guys that routine actually works for. All of those guys are essentially genetic freaks! They're the kind of guys benching 300lbs at 18; they obviously have a lot more going for them than just good routines.
We, as more normal people, can still achieve incredible bodies and can transform the way we look. But we need to train in a manner that allows our bodies a chance to recover and become stronger. We need muscle building workouts that will actually work for us and our normal genes.
We don't need massive amounts of volume to spark new growth within our muscles. We just need to keep lifting progressively heavier weights. Our bodies will then be forced to adapt. To keep lifting and plugging away 5 and 6 days a week is just counter-productive. We'll just waste tons of calories that should be going to our muscles so they can actually become bigger.
Instead of following the typical routines, lift no more than three times a week, no more than 3-4 sets, and no more than 10 reps. Also, you should be in the gym for a maximum of 60 minutes. Doing these things ensures none of your time and energy is wasted and maximizes the amount of calories your muscles receive so they actually grow bigger and stronger.
Instead of using the typical muscle building workouts designed for guys with incredible genetics that are made for packing on size no matter what they do, follow instead routines that give us normal guys a real chance at actually building size and keeping it.
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